About Us


Spotlight formerly known as Revenge.ph is a platform that promotes Philippine Independent Cinema by organizing screenings of notable Filipino independent films in alternative arts and entertainment spaces.

By giving both voice and venue to films, which would otherwise be lost and swallowed by mainstream content, Revenge.ph aims to develop a progressive community of thinking moviegoers.

This platform is a convergence of relationship between the art and its muse—the beloved audience. Which is why we provide a Q&A, a free space that initiates a discourse between the artist and the audience after every film screening.


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Carlos Warren Tesoro

Carlos Warren Tesoro graduated from Yale School of Drama with an MFA degree. Having worked in Los Angeles, CA for the past decade, he decided to move to Manila to share his wealth of knowledge to his fellow filipinos.







Anne Gauthier

Anne Gauthier graduated from IPAG Business School in Paris and worked as a Marketing director for several years. She then moved to New York to study acting at the William Esper studio in NYC. Passionate about the arts, she is determined to combine both degrees through Spotlight.




Katrina Tan

Katrina Tan has been in the Marketing and Sales industry for almost a decade now.  Her passion and advocacy for the arts fuels her commitment to support worthy causes in the creative space, and one of it is Philippine Independent Cinema– a realm so rich in talent and purpose, that she deems it worthy of touching more lives out there.