Spotlight presents HF Yambao Films: Mga Sulok ng Usok and Kristo

hf films.jpg

Place: Pineapple Lab at 6071 Palma street Brgy Poblacion 1210 Makati

Date and Time: Saturday September 16 2017 at 7pm

Price: 200php (pre-reservation) 300php (walk in)

About the films: 

KRISTO (Feature film)

Boy has a big family to provide for. He juggles his time as bet collector ‘Kristo’ in a neighboring cockfight arena by day, and as a banana vendor in a market by night, to make ends meet. And if being industrious is not enough, Boy asks the heavens to favor him and his family by doing a public penance every Holy Week.
The story delves into what is supposed to be a victorious day for Boy whose first born — Jemjem, graduated from elementary with honors. Throughout the story, bits and pieces of fighting against oppression of losing his main livelihood as a vendor, of fighting for his winnings in a bet to game fowls, fighting for his honor as a family man, and eventually fighting for his own life against fate will be revealed.
In the game of life, who wins, who loses?

MGA SULOK NG USOK (Short film)

Vincent Pasion is a strange young man who seems to have forgotten almost everything about himself. Living alone in an apartment loft that doubles as an artist’s studio, traces of his past are lost in the comforting chaos of this private world that he has painted around him.
Gabrielle Del Rosario is young, beautiful, and privileged. However, she is really a free spirit who longs to be unhinged from the superficial world that she lives in. Gaby is an aspiring journalist who works as a features writer for a lifestyle magazine.
In Manila, researchers have identified the presence of a pathogen in the atmosphere dubbed Miseria that spreads misery, gloom, and hopelessness — rabidly infecting the people without them knowing.
It is within this setting that the young socialite Gaby meets the eccentric, animated Vincent. Curious, Gaby is drawn to the man without a past and eventually falls for him. And Vince, in turn, paints his new world around her.
Their whirlwind romance eventually leads her to piece together a story of a world where depression is more than just a state of mind, and how this reality has affected their lives.

Howard (HF) Yambao is a maverick independent filmmaker. Previous to filmmaking, he worked as TVC director for government advocacies, TV segment producer, and as a PR/marketing consultant. He studied filmmaking and digital video production at the New York Film Academy. He apprenticed under filmmakers Brillante Mendoza and Armando Lao, both staunch movers of social realism and found story filmmaking in the Philippines. Coming from the upper-middle class and having a lens for artistic craft, HF offers to critique and show the diverse dilemmas and issues of the class he belongs to.




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